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Dedicating to Lord Enki
What happens when I make a formal commitment to Enki?
Almost immediately, things start to get better, Enki looks out for his own. Enki gives us an inner strength and we become very strong in spirit. Unlike right hand path religions, where adherents are forever praying and searching for their god, Enki comes to us on his own. Many times, we can feel him. He comes to comfort us when we get down, worried or are experiencing problems.
He snaps us into line and directs us as to what we need to do to be focused and happy. Unlike the false god Jehova and his cohorts, Enki never turns his back on us in our time of need.
An good analogy/story is a Christian: He is in serious trouble, in desperation, takes his last change, goes to a phone booth in the freezing rain and dials heaven. He keeps getting a busy signal. After quite some time, someone answers and puts him on hold. They leave him on hold. When a Sumerianist calls Enki, Enki, himself, picks up after the first ring.
In making a commitment, we engage a formal ritual. This is done out of free will. We are making a choice, as opposed to being dragged off to some Christian church, and reciting canned prayers in front of a bunch of idiots.

The initiation ritual is very personal, unless you decide to have friends participate, or are doing it as part of a group.
You will need:
1 or more black, blue or red candles (as many as you like)
A sterilized needle or razor
A piece of clean paper, large enough to write the prayer below
A dry pen, where you sign your name in blood (dip the ip of the pen in your blood)
Write the following prayer:
Before the almighty and ineffable God Ea/Enki and in the presence of all Gods of Sumeria, who are the True and the Original gods, I, (state your full name) renounce any and all past allegiances. I renounce all other Gods apart from thos ealigned with you, My Lord Enki.
I proclaim Enki as my one and only God. I promise to recognize and honor him in all things, without reservation, desiring in return, his manifold assistance in the successful completion of my endeavors.
It is imporant to bathe before any rituals you perform, this is done out of respect. When you are ready, you can light the candle. Take the needle, prick the idex finger of your left hand, squeeze some blood out.
Sign your name in blood.
Recite the prayer either aloud or in your head
Fold the paper and let it burn in the fire of the candle. Many of us have stayed and meditated until the candle had burned itself out.
At the end of the ritual, close with the words "so mote it be." And a Big "HAIL ENKI!!"


Frequently Asked Questions/concerns:

Can I perform the ritual more than once?
NO! Sumerian rituals are real and binding. The ritual should only be done ONE TIME!

I performed the ritual. I could barely get any blood on the paper, is the ritual still valid?
YES!! The amount of blood does not matter, this is only a formality. What is in our hearts and what our intentions are, are much more important than the amount of blood in our signature.

Can I reverse the ritual at a later date?
Sumerian rituals, unlike the rituals in other religions, are real and permanent. I received a very small number of letters from people who were confused and harassed by Christians. One person performed a reverse ritual and Enki left him. Totally. Enki does not push himself on anyone.
Christians are deceived. They believe their "God" to be "loving" and "forgiving." In truth, this monster is a spiteful, hateful attacker of human beings. When one is with Enki, one is always under his protection. He looks out for us and we enter a new life where we no longer have the worries that others endure. Things are not perfect, but they are always much better. Enki does not punish people who reject him, he simply leaves and one is left all alone to endure the torments of the enemy.
These people wrote to me because after several months, they were begging for Enki to take them back. The enemy did absolutely nothing for them. All were extremely regretful they ever left and very desperate to come back.

I am under-age and my parents would cause me serious problems if they ever caught me doing a Sumerian ritual.
If there is absolutely no way you can perform the ritual without placing yourself in danger, you can perform it in your astral temple.
You can do the above ritual when you are older. Performing the dedication on the astral is every bit as valid as doing it physically. Enki is very understanding concerning teens who are forced into accepting Christianity while living at home and being underage.

I am underage, living in a Christian home and my parents force me to go to church and participate in Christian sacraments. Can I still do the dedication? Will Enki be angry with me?
Yes, you can still perform the ritual. Enki understands. As long as you are loyal to him in your heart, he will not be angry with you. Those of you under 18 are not free. There is no need to reveal your allegiance to Enki to anyone. What is in your heart is more important than anything else. Enki advises us in the Al-Jilwah not to reveal our religion to outsiders if it will cause us harm in any way, this is especially important for teens. Just renounce the Christian "God" in your mind if you are forced to participate in any of his garbage. Enki understands it can be downright dangerous, and in some cases even life-threatening for teens living in Christian homes to reveal their allegiance to him.