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Ok, I got it
My second fansite!its GOOD CHARLOTTE PEOPLE!'s website
For peepals who ever come here...Uh...Im bored and my site sucks and no one ever ever evr ever comes here at all.....um.......uh....if you like simple plan go to my other website www.fansiteforsp.piczo.com and check it....and ya....whatevea...
Kailyn Madden
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Benji Madden
The new cooler gangster Good Charlotte!
The new gangster look for Billy Dean Martin in 2007!
The gangster 2007 cool look for Paul Anthony Thomas!
The cooler gangster Joel Rueben Madden in 2007!
The cool Benjamin Levi Madden in 2007!!!!!!
well like this has like nothing to do with my gc website but like...whatever......

this is my fat cat named stump by my sister and Chuck by me