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Welcome to Forgotten Mopars. Every car guy has heard a story about one of those guys who says "I'll fix it one day" but unfortentley, this rarely happens and the cars rot until nothing is left. Even though we're based in BC, Canada, we show the worst and sometimes the best of North America's Mopars. We are always adding new pages to the website. Sometimes weekly but mostly monthly. We ask you, if you have pictures of abandoned or rotting Mopars: Please send them to us at cole_383@hotmail.com. Rotter Of The Month & Featured Car get updated at the end of every month. The newest pages of rotting Mopars are Page 112 to 114
Site created November 27, 2006--- Last Updated January 09, 2010
Mopar Pages
1971 Hemi Charger R/T
NOTICE: FEBRUARY 19, 2011- As some of you have noticed, the website hasn't been updated since January 2010. Unfortentley I've been having nothing but issues with the hosting site and the program they use to update and edit websites. I've tried numerous times to upload pictures and I've had no luck yet. When I do manage to get a picture uploaded, it won't resize as it should and ends up being huge which won't work. Most of the time though, the picture just never shows up. It seems every feature of the hosting site is messed up. Even something simple as putting the page title such as "Page 110" or something dosen't work properly because the standard text I use for the titles dosen't want to work either along with most of the other texts. Needless to say, until the hosting site fixes their program, I can't do anything with this website. I may consider transferring everything over to another hosting site but that will take a long time to do so considering I have over 100 pages of pictures to move and sort out. Stay tuned though!

1970 Challenger T/A
Click on the picture to see info
1972 Duster
1970 Cuda
1970 Challenger
1971 Cuda
1968 Dart 270
1971 Roadrunner
1970 Cuda 340
1968 Coronet R/T
If you have any pictures for my site. Please email them along with the story & your name to the website's email address: